How to Get the Best Indian Wedding Pictures

indian wedding photographyWorking to provide the best Indian wedding photography service is not easy. It is the aim of many photographers, but it definitely takes more than just being a photographer. You are facing a specific culture target market and the challenge lies in how you can best appeal to the couples with the picture that are not just aesthetics but also capture their cultural values.

The first to do this is to understand the Indian cultures.

What do they think about weddings and what usually happens in one? What kind of traditions must the children and parents do and what do they mean to them? All these things are important if you want to capture the moments that matter for them.

It will also help you think about how to best create your wedding photography package for Indians. Typically, they take more times for their weddings and it can involve traveling to several places. With that in mind, your photography package can be catered to fit their needs.

Discuss these with the couples and the parents.

Parents play a big part in deciding how the wedding should proceed or what kind of pictures should be captured. They influence the decisions as well, so appealing to them is also part of the job. You need to make friends with the whole family to do well and know what is allowed and what is taboo in the eyes of Indians.

If you are not sure, ask the couples before making any mistakes. You can explain that you have done your research, but asking actual Indians will be faster and easier. It’ll also prevent misunderstanding. That is why sometimes they prefer getting Indian wedding photography service from actual Indians like

You also want to make sure that you are fit for the day.

In India, a wedding can take place in the middle of the night after the consult with the astrologer. It can be tiring and takes up your energy, but it is the job and you have to plan for it. Such as by sleeping in the day and make sure you eat some before attending the wedding.

It’s important to understand that sometimes, parents can make their own decision to hire more photographers for the job. They think that it is safer to have more people on the job so that they get as many pictures as possible. For some newcomers, this may seem peculiar and even rude because you’d think that you have been given the responsibilities. Yet, this is the culture for them.

Because of that, you need to discuss things with the other photographers when you meet them. Make sure that you don’t cross each other’s paths and potentially interrupt each other while working. You can even deal with the positions that you will get during certain events.

Lastly, to be successful in Indian wedding photography, never be too lazy to keep learning. There are many new things to know about and learn, such as how to communicate better with parents and family members.

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5 Reasons Why a Professional Wedding Photographer is Scarce

natural wedding photographyOne of the most important components to a successful wedding is the photographer. The wedding photographer, at the same time, is also the only person that has nothing to do with the party. But we all know what they do really matters to us in the long run and is like the final touch to the event.

That is why it can be said that a professional wedding photographer who provides professional natural wedding photography service is scarce. Here are the 5 reasons why.

Limited booking slot

Compared to other photographers these professionals are much harder to be found available. There are mainly two reasons for it. One is because there are also many others looking for photographers of the same quality and end up looking at the same photographer as you are. If that’s the case, a lot of people would be making reservations years ahead to ensure their position.

The second reason would be how these photographers do not take up too many jobs with them. They want to maintain their work quality by limiting their workload. Only then can they focus on each couple with full concentration.


Some of us think that we still have time to find a professional wedding photographer. Postponing, procrastinating; it’s all part of human nature. But we don’t realize how we should’ve been more serious about it early on. The longer we wait, the smaller our chance is in landing the right wedding photographer.

We want a professional natural wedding photography package that will truly capture everything at our wedding like an observer. If you are confused where to start, but wants to start now, we recommend you a professional from

Location restricted

There’s no telling that your local wedding photographers are professionals. Some of the best can be located or concentrated in somewhere a little bit further from your wedding location or where you reside. However, you still need to meet these people at least once before commencing on the work. Trust us when we say that nothing works as well as a face-to-face meeting.

Although these photographers usually allow clients from around the country to hire them, you need to pay the extra travel and possibly accommodation fee. So, the location itself is a big hindrance in several cases.

You’re not experienced!

There is also the fact that you are not that experienced in finding a professional wedding photographer. You need time to find out available photographers around you, interview and consult to figure out how photographers basically work, etc. You need time to discuss with your partner and think about your decision upon many other wedding preparations to make.

Mutual preference

Both of you need to be on the same page. Even though you’ve stumbled upon a professional photographer, that person has to be someone that knows what you want. Both of you need to have the same vision on how the wedding pictures will end up like. If you want someone who excels in natural wedding photography but happens upon someone who is professional with formal and fine art photography, you may need to reconsider someone else.

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Plan Your Portrait/Headshot Session!

photographers in ChicagoDon’t trust those guides that say you don’t need to try so hard on your diet. Looking for a portrait or headshot session doesn’t happen every day and they aren’t cheap. You need to make out the best out of these sessions and ensure that you’re getting the best pictures of yourself.

Let the future you (and employers!) know that you can look that awesome! And find the best photographers in Chicago for yourself!

Plan your diet

When are you going to go for a portrait or headshot session? The similarities between the both are that the differences from before and after your diet can be seen clearly. If you want your pictures to appear best naturally, going on a healthy diet is better than asking your photographer to edit them. At the very least, you’re not lying to the people who see the pictures on your LinkedIn.

If it’s urgent, there’s no need to go on an extreme diet just to lose some pounds. Rely on your photographer’s skills to take your pictures from the best angle and edit it so that you look on your best without too much altering.

Find a professional

If you want to look professional, always get a pro to do the job. Never try to use a picture that you take on your own nor should you think that just anyone can take a selfie. Headshot pictures aren’t the same as selfies.

A professional photographer can direct you and pose you the way you best look for your purpose. If you want to look like an enthusiastic student, you have to look cheerful and confident. If you want to become a manager, you need to look confident and smart.

An example of a professional is There are a lot of headshot photographers in Chicago, but she’s known to be the best for a reason. Her long experience in taking portraits and headshots give her the upper hand in deciding how to best take the pictures of someone with that body shape or look.

Discuss and listen

As a client looking to have the best pictures taken, listen to your photographer carefully. It’s also important to heed the fashion advice of your photographer. You don’t want your clothes to just be trendy; you want them to complement the whole image of yours.

Show any concerns that you have regarding becoming a model.

Are you a shy-camera person? Do you get nervous posing in front of a camera? Open up to let your photographer know your problem. Building a good relationship with the photographer will also ease you during the actual session. You can also follow his directions better and express yourself more clearly.

This is also your chance to analyze the kind of photographers in Chicago you’re looking at. The best ones want to make sure their clients are comfortable with them to ensure the best pictures taken. They will also try to make you relax before the session, investing in a lot of time in it because the best pictures are the ones with natural expressions in it.

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The Captivating Element of a Photo Booth

Surrey photo booth hire There’s nothing to be explained on what a photo booth does; it takes instant pictures and most of the time, you’re in a box of sorts. But what most people might be missing would be that photo booth are much better these days than before for a good reason!

The authentic value of a Surrey photo booth hire is strengthening these days. Vintage is a thing and groups of youngsters as well as earning adults love to spend some fun time inside one. Still, remember when you’d go into a photo booth, a rush that 3 minutes and pay a few dollars to get a couple of strips of pictures with your friends? Yeah, it’s time to go back to that and bring it to your next special day.

No one hates taking pictures, but people sometimes wonder about the quality of the pictures from these photo booths. Well, don’t be disappointed because instead of strips of blurry pictures, you print a medium size picture with clear quality. No more small, blurry faces in a small frame.

And nowadays, you have a lot of choices to choose from.

There’s the classic way of photo booths or the more modern approach. The new approach makes use of only the camera essence and allows the pictures to be taken with a free background. Meaning, you can place the camera anywhere and create a background of your own or allow the interior of a building or backdrop of a venue to become the background.

It doesn’t eliminate the vital value of a Surrey photo booth hire according to You are still taking pictures with that group of people you love going crazy with. And now, you can even take pictures with your family members and for your wedding occasion, it’s a great way to create a great memory on this day.

Professional photo booth provider these days also won’t stop at simply providing you with the booth. They will go as far as providing additional services like a personal butler to take care of the booth and the props for use. They will help anyone that’s using the booth with basic poses and use of the props. The rest, well, you know you can figure them out!

It’s weirdly something that especially girls and groupies are attracted to. When you see a photo booth at an event, you can’t stop your legs from walking over to ponder whether you should take one. You look at the booth and look at the types of pictures that come out. For the ones on outdoor, you can’t stop looking at the background and the people that are taking the pictures.

You and your friends start chattering around you and are already fix on queueing for a picture. Regardless of the result, you’d still have taken one. As a memory, or simply just to make your existence proven at this very place.

Surrey photo booth hire service makes that all possible.

It lets your guests create even better memory on your day and leave some of their craziness and joy on a guest book that your provider would have prepared.

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Natural is the New Wedding Photography Trend

natural wedding photographyAs you look for a wedding photographer, you might be wondering what should be your priority in terms of picture quality? As opposed to how people think that all professionals possess the same level of skills, we want to tell you that each photographer is different.

Natural wedding photography is the most important quality and for a good reason. Whatever is captured in the pictures, you want them to really look natural, as if you’re watching your own wedding when you look back.

It’s also the reason why many photographers nowadays are practicing to capture things as natural as possible. That quality will not be achieved if one hasn’t trained enough. It’s also something that you can learn to spot from your photographers.

Natural is identical to candid and honest expressions. It means that the situation isn’t made and the photographer had little to do with how they smiled. Taking a natural expression in a made-up situation is the trickiest part. For example, when you and your partner take a walk around the garden at the back of the venue.

With keen eyes and the ability to put the bride and groom in comfort will help him capture a picture that doesn’t look man-made. And when it’s in your hand, you can feel the genuine expression in that picture. This is where looking through portfolios is important.

The big factors

There are several factors that affect someone’s skills in natural wedding photography as mentioned by Let’s look through them and see if your photographer has the necessary factors.


The first factor is obviously the skills to do it. The photographer needs a very keen eye for taking in the things that are happening around him. Photographer doesn’t have the power to alter what’s going on, so he has to be actively observing and anticipates what will happen next. That said, he needs a lot of preparations.

In posed pictures, the photographer has to become someone the couple won’t mind showing their love in front of. It will really help in how their expressions are going to show in front of the camera.


Because photographer won’t be able to direct or alter what happens, he has to be proactive in finding out what will happen. As the couple, you don’t have an idea how the photographer works and it really differs from one photographer to another. Whether they know what to do or not, it depends whether they are willing to discuss it or not.

The ability to communicate will also help strengthen the relationship you have with the photographer. The closer you are, the less awkward you’ll be when you have him following you for your whole wedding day. Relaxed is a word that can also define natural wedding photography.

Your trust

The last big factor is the trust factor for you. While it’s not a problem if you want to look at the posted pictures from your photographer during free time, don’t do that in the middle of the wedding. Enjoy your time and let your photographer capture it. Being too conscious of it won’t let you smile naturally and it will hinder the photographer’s work.

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Professional Event Photographer Makes All the Difference

event photographerYou set up the event nicely and hoping that the guests will be satisfied with it. As much donation can be raised and the success of the current event would mean that more will come to be in the future. All that left now is to have some pictures taken of the day, so you can show it to people.

Yeah, that was supposed to be easy, but now, you’ll see how dangerous is hiring an irresponsible and amateur event photographer can be.

Good pictures of key figures

One of the most important thing that a photographer has to achieve is to take decent pictures of the key figures. These people could be the sponsors, the people that made the event possible, or the biggest donator to your organization. They could be important members of the organization, so on and so forth.

You want to keep them happy and feel appreciated, which means you’d want to have their pictures properly taken and probably be put in the booklet for the next event. Their face will also be often used if the event is to be documented and shared with a lot more people. It better be some well taken and edited pictures that you’re spreading.

An assistant to help

In a big event, especially, the photographer has to have an assistant helping because he needs to be focused on the main figures and event. As many pictures are needed, but it’ll be hard if he also has to focus on other less important stuff. It’s something that the event photographer from always has.

Imagine that your photographer has to bring along quite the equipment to the event. It was a big hall, and the entrance of the main figures are important. Of course, the reactions of the people that attended the event are also important. If possible, the photographer has to take as many pictures from the guest as possible, because they never knew which one will appear better for promotion purposes.

While the lead photographer can focus on the event on the stage and the main figures going up and down, as well as watching the event, an assistant that take pictures of the other guests and small details.

Entertain the guests

Photographers can also become a source of entertainment for the guests. There are people who attend and always need to have pictures taken. Professional studios typically provide photobooth service as well. This can keep the guests busy while they are waiting for the event to start.

The real purpose of pictures

The real purpose of having pictures taken was to document those moments. People always seek to keep special moments in something solid to be reminded again. Pictures are one of such thing. Only a professional event photographer can take the pictures, edit them smoothly, and deliver you something that you’ll love to keep looking back.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want it if the event that has been planned properly looked so awful in the pictures. Even when the people said it was fun, it’ll be hard to convince them if you show pictures that aren’t decent. That’s why a professional event photographer is important.

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Wedding Videography Melbourne: Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid

wedding videography MelbourneWe’ve seen too many of these mistakes in wedding videography Melbourne done by not just beginners, but professionals as well. It’s not that they don’t care. It turned into a habit that it’s hard for them to realize that it’s not a good act.

We want to prevent you from being like that. Instead of trying to fix the habits, preventing them from ever turning into one is better.

Use too many hand-carried footages

Carrying the tripod everywhere can be very tiring and time-consuming. When you can carry the cameras yourself, it makes you think if you even need to use the tripod. But know this: clients don’t appreciate shaky footages at all.

Consider this really well: can your hands carry the camera and move without shaking or causing blurry scenes? Those can confuse viewers and you can’t always edit them out. Carrying your tripod is probably inconvenient, but it’s the way of a videographer. Unless you’ve found a better technology to do this.

Crappy transitions

The footages themselves are awesome, but you can’t show a video that goes on for 30 minutes without changing scenes. It must have been filled with a lot of unimportant scenes that could’ve been removed. Removing them means you need some good B-rolls as transitions. Check out examples of great wedding videography Melbourne done by

Transitions can really create a different feel to the videos. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how to make the video less awkward when you’ve amazing shots of the day. B-rolls are the best thing to have. They contain small details of the wedding and are still meaningful to the viewers. But not that important, so they can be put in transitions.

Not coordinating with photographer

Many videographers lack proper relationships with photographers. It’s probably pride or because of having their own photographers at their own studios. But nonetheless, it’s a very wrong step to make. Coordinating with the photographer at wherever you’re working at can create a better result for your client.

Try to look at it like this: your client receives his wedding pictures and are absolutely mesmerized by them. Like many of us, we want to see how they turn out in the videos. It’s good, but it would be so much better if we can integrate the things photographers shoot with our videos and vice versa.

This shows we don’t just care about our own professionalism. We’re ready to do whatever is necessary to deliver better, high-quality results to our clients.

Not having the determination

Making mistakes can feel like a drawback to the process of becoming a professional. Those can even make us wonder if we’re cut out for the job. Thinking about this when you’ve only worked on 3 videos isn’t exactly going to help and accurate anyway.

Making mistakes is part of learning with the motto that you won’t do it again next time. They are the best learning experiences and having the determination to walk pass that is the right thing to do. Professional wedding videography Melbourne is not done by people who are good with it on their first try. It’s done by people who’ve been through thick and thin and finally understands how to make one.

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Why Documentary Wedding Photographer Is the Better Choice

documentary wedding photographerAs you begin your search for a wedding photographer, you might be overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many kinds of photographers. Some call themselves as natural wedding photographer while another calls himself a reportage wedding photographer.

Now, we’d like to mention in particular the benefits and strengths of a documentary wedding photographer. While they may not be free of weaknesses, they do have a tremendous benefit compared to another kind of photographers.

Documenting your wedding

The biggest purpose of hiring a wedding photographer is to make sure that all your wedding moments are captured. It’s also important that you are able to capture someone that is able to capture the moment in a way that tells a story. That is the power of documentary style of photography. Experts in this can tell a beautiful story through pictures alone.

It calls for capturing every single thing that happens during the event from dress-up to the last dance. While another type of photographers will focus more on the authenticity of a moment or the visual beauty, reportage photographer focuses on capturing the happenings and compiling them to create a story.

Completeness of coverage is of the essence for the photographers and you. If you look forward to finding someone that covers everything from the wedding from the guests to all your preparation this is the right choice.

Unobtrusive method of capturing pictures

If you found yourself a professional documentary wedding photographer like, being unobtrusive throughout their job is of the essence. This is because they can capture the moments without causing disturbances. It’s a very important quality that photographers have to possess to make sure that the pictures they get are of high-quality.


Another great thing about this is how the album is made into a meaningful group of pictures. They are not just a bunch of pictures of you and your partner, but they mean something and tell something. These pictures create a story that you can tell even after decades of your marriage. You will still remember during that quiz session when your youngest nephew got it right. Or when your mom shed tears as you kissed your partner.

Such moments exceed words and descriptions. Only pictures can show the true emotion of those days. And when a picture of a crying old lady means nothing, documentary style can add up the story behind it by adding pictures of your first kiss or you after dressing up.


To be able to achieve that level of focus and unobtrusiveness, one has to build a good rapport with his clients and the guests. Not all photographers do this because that means they have to spend much more time trying to get to know more about you, your family, and your friends. That seems like not something a documentary wedding photographer should do, but to achieve the right quality, that’s the right thing to do.

This type of wedding photographer is one of the best types to have for your wedding, especially when you value the day so much and you don’t want to miss a thing about it. The documentary style of wedding album helps you relieve the day and even find out the things that you probably missed because the day can go so fast!

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How to Search for the Right Wedding Photographer Online

same sex wedding photographerGoogle has been the place to go when you need to find an answer or someone. And one of that purpose is to find your wedding photographer. Whether you’re looking for an engagement photographer or a same sex wedding photographer, you will definitely appreciate reading this to the end.

These are what you should do when you search for a wedding photographer online.

Where you at does not matter

Many people like to type the area where they live. But truthfully, the area does not matter, especially if the quality is what you’re searching for. Limiting on area causes you unable to find other more talented photographers!

Yes, of course, they can work for you, although separated by a few hundred miles apart. With a small extra fee, you can get better photographers, so remember, don’t limit yourself to location! If you are looking for a same sex wedding photographer, check out This is someone that you won’t find just by typing in a location!

Check out profile page

Profile or about me page is the place where you can read about the photographer. You will find information on why they took up cameras and how they began their wedding photography business. What’s interesting is to read their opinions on the wedding. Does it sound like they’ll enjoy working on yours after having attended so many weddings they’ve lost count?

Some people put this on their homepage, while others do it on the profile page. Identify the word reportage, photojournalism, or unobtrusive style. These are hints that your photographer will not disturb you during the ceremony and reception. Staying in the dark while capturing all the precious moments are important to keep the party rolling and the pictures natural.


The next important thing to browse is their portfolio page. Find out their style, favorite poses, emotions, and expressions of the people in those pictures, and how you enjoy looking at them. If you can see more than 3 or 4 pictures used the same pose, you might not want to hire that photographer. He might be running out of ideas and you’ll end up with the same pictures more or less.

Do not trust in portfolios too much. What you see is only one side of the photographer. When you meet, ask for more pictures they’ve worked on to decide more accurately on his style. If he refuses, you know there’s something he does not want you to see.

Willing to meet you

How do you know if someone is willing to meet you? You’ll find him inviting you over to his studio or, if that’s impossible, do a live chat to talk about your wedding. This is someone who is willing to spend time with a person he’s never seen before and not yet agree to become his clients. Someone who is willing to sacrifice before the deal will be able to commit more to the deal.

His contact number, email, and other means to find him should also be on the page, not hard to find.

Trophies, achievements, and fancy stuff

If your photographer has fancy achievements he’s proudly posted on his site, that says something about him. Finishing a training, reaching a certain level of membership, and winning competitions, tournaments, and contests are signs of hard workers. Not just that, they also show the creativity of the photographer.

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Why You Should Do Wedding Photography

wedding photographers South WalesThere are many kinds of the line of photography. Many photographers focus on various types of them, but wedding photography is quite different by itself. In the business world, wedding photography demands quite a big investment from clients. One of the biggest, compared to portraits, headshots, and many other kinds of photography.

And that is also probably why you’ve heard a lot of successful wedding photographers South Wales and wonder if you should follow their footsteps.

A big responsibility

When you agree to sign the contract with a client, you need to understand that you are given a big responsibility. And that is to capture the wedding day and everything that happens then and there and present everything to your clients just like what you can in

So, are you the type that is able to uphold your words even years after it’s been made (because couples have to book you in advance)?

Time and energy consuming

Most of the jobs will require you to accompany your clients for at least 8 hours a day, sometimes for 2 to three days. Depending on the packages that you provide, you’ll have to be ready to spend the whole day taking pictures and following them around.

Saying is easier than done. Early in the morning, you have to get up and arrive before the appointment time. Why? Because plans rarely go exactly as we want it to and arriving earlier can at least spare you a few minutes to take their pictures. At the same time, you might as well help the bride or groom with getting ready, so you can move on to take pictures of the venue. During the ceremony and reception, you also need to pay attention to the guests and attendees, like parents and relatives.

After you are finished for the day, the next step is to start sorting them out on your computer and letting the customers choose the pictures that they want to be included in the album. Most customers want to add more pictures to the album (because they just can’t eliminate those pictures). This means that you always have to adjust the album to a suitable size.

Afterwards, you need to either provide all or only selected pictures in B&W. Copy them to a USB stick and then deliver them to your clients. There is also a slideshow session that you should provide.

Looks like quite a lot of job, but this is only the surface of it. There’s also the details of the editing process, designing the album, and contingency plans if weather or condition does not allow the picture-taking process to go smoothly.

Customer service

Wedding photographers South Wales do not have a ‘customer service’ part. Why? Because clients will always want to talk to you directly. They want to get to know you personally and see if they can click with you. That means you have the necessity to have the silver tongue and not spout the same thing that every other photographer would.

Learn how to impress and throughout the long journey, you’ll begin to build a name for yourself that is going to help with your first impression. This is also a thing to do with the family members or friends that are significant to the couple. Couples make the decisions, but family members and friends can help change that into something else.

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