3 Tips for the Beginner Wedding Photographer Hampshire

wedding photographer HampshireYou say you want to start a career in wedding photography, but how prepared are you? The fact that you have a passion for the craft does not automatically make It alright for you to make a career out of it. There are several others out there who had the same idea but gave up when they saw the reality of it.

Before becoming a wedding photographer Hampshire, it is important that you understand how meaningful the wedding day is to the couple that contracts your services. Weddings are not everyday occurrences in the life of an individual. Right now, we all have one life to live and, in that life, most people only want to walk down the aisle once.

So, every precious memory from that one wedding out to be accurately recorded and documented. That is when they turn to you the wedding photographer. After having seen your portfolio or heard you talk about the type of service you can deliver, they decide to rely on you to help with the capture of their wedding memories.

Therefore, to help you better achieve the job of perfect recording of the precious moments, we have listed out three tips that are bound to be useful. They are:

  • Have Backups

When we say backups, we are not just referring to the images you are likely to shoot. Noo! Well, having backups of the wedding pictures is never a bad idea. You can have multiple hard drives for the images, multiple albums and even a cloud storage for the wedding pictures.

However, when it comes to photography in general, we are talking about more than just the pictures. You need backups of the tools you are also going to be using. The memory card, lens, camera body, battery, flashlights etc. You never know what can happen at any given day. You can get robbed or an accident can occur and as such, the source of your income is lost thereby halting business progress.

If you cannot afford to buy all the tools you need, you can decide to rent. There are lease hire businesses that you can get equipment from. Even if you have your equipment, it still pays to know a place you can hire equipment in case of an emergency so do your research.

Another back up you need to have is insurance. Like we said before, anything can happen to the wedding photographer Hampshire and you want to ensure that in case of a loss, you are still protected.

  • Scout the location

A mistake most beginner photographers are liable to make is waiting till the day of the wedding to visit the wedding location. That is an amateur mistake. Any professional wedding photographer Hampshire worth his salt like Danish Apple Photography knows that you need to scout the location prior to event to make proper plans for picture taking.

You know your camera well enough and you trust in your skills. But, do you know where the best lighting for the location is situated. Can you confidently take a shot in the wedding venue?

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