4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photographer for Baby Photos

baby photosIs it safe for my baby to have a photography session? Does my baby photographer know what he’s doing? How do I know if I got the right person to take me the best baby photos?

These questions can really torture you as you search for the one and doesn’t really have that much time to wait. Especially if you are planning to take some newborn baby pictures!

Newborn baby photographers are often booked out

Yes, the first emergency you need to deal with is the fact that photographers can be booked out early! That is because photographers have to provide a wide range of time for their clients due to varying labor date. Also, if you wait until you’re a month away from your due date, you will most probably not find a photographer of your liking available on that date.

Make sure to book no later than 3 months before your due date. This gives you enough time to look and discuss with several photographers before deciding who to hire.

Just stay calm

Some parents are really nervous for their possibly first ever official family picture of their own. Just them and their little one. A lot of emotions are mixing in, especially for mothers who probably literally had mood swings, thanks to hormones fluctuations. But a baby photography session is not something you should be stressed about.

Your photographer will work it out for you. Whatever it is you are worried about the session, just your photographer that and he knows what to do. Your photographer will also help guide with what to wear in your baby photos.

Safety first!

Nothing is more important than making sure that your little one is safe. Newborn babies are especially fragile and can’t protect themselves or scream for help. That’s why it’s vital to have a photographer who knows what they shouldn’t do with babies. For example, newborns have weak, fragile bones that are not yet suitable to withhold their own weight.

You may also be concerned about the use of beanbags or hanging bags. These types of hanging props are famous, but you might be seeing the risk here. What do you think about hanging your newborn baby midair? Photographers who do this have explained that for years, they haven’t seen a newborn baby jump out of the bag. They also have their assistant ready to swoop the baby and soft cushion right under just in case.

Some photographers rely on the power of editing, but realistically, they don’t look as good as if the pictures are actually taken when it’s hung midair. The choice is, however, yours to make.

It can take long hours!

Another thing to note about baby photography is that they can take really long hours to do. It can depend on how easy it is to deal with the baby and it varies. Some babies get everything done with 1.5 hours but others can take up to 4 hours! It’s the same wherever you go even for professionals from Kingshill Studios. It depends on how easy it is to mold the baby in shape and how quiet the baby is.

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