4 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Photographer for Baby Photos

baby photosIs it safe for my baby to have a photography session? Does my baby photographer know what he’s doing? How do I know if I got the right person to take me the best baby photos?

These questions can really torture you as you search for the one and doesn’t really have that much time to wait. Especially if you are planning to take some newborn baby pictures!

Newborn baby photographers are often booked out

Yes, the first emergency you need to deal with is the fact that photographers can be booked out early! That is because photographers have to provide a wide range of time for their clients due to varying labor date. Also, if you wait until you’re a month away from your due date, you will most probably not find a photographer of your liking available on that date.

Make sure to book no later than 3 months before your due date. This gives you enough time to look and discuss with several photographers before deciding who to hire.

Just stay calm

Some parents are really nervous for their possibly first ever official family picture of their own. Just them and their little one. A lot of emotions are mixing in, especially for mothers who probably literally had mood swings, thanks to hormones fluctuations. But a baby photography session is not something you should be stressed about.

Your photographer will work it out for you. Whatever it is you are worried about the session, just your photographer that and he knows what to do. Your photographer will also help guide with what to wear in your baby photos.

Safety first!

Nothing is more important than making sure that your little one is safe. Newborn babies are especially fragile and can’t protect themselves or scream for help. That’s why it’s vital to have a photographer who knows what they shouldn’t do with babies. For example, newborns have weak, fragile bones that are not yet suitable to withhold their own weight.

You may also be concerned about the use of beanbags or hanging bags. These types of hanging props are famous, but you might be seeing the risk here. What do you think about hanging your newborn baby midair? Photographers who do this have explained that for years, they haven’t seen a newborn baby jump out of the bag. They also have their assistant ready to swoop the baby and soft cushion right under just in case.

Some photographers rely on the power of editing, but realistically, they don’t look as good as if the pictures are actually taken when it’s hung midair. The choice is, however, yours to make.

It can take long hours!

Another thing to note about baby photography is that they can take really long hours to do. It can depend on how easy it is to deal with the baby and it varies. Some babies get everything done with 1.5 hours but others can take up to 4 hours! It’s the same wherever you go even for professionals from Kingshill Studios. It depends on how easy it is to mold the baby in shape and how quiet the baby is.

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Golden Tips In Newborn Photography

Ask your expert in newborn photography Oxfordshire for help on how you should be able to schedule out your newborn photo shoot at some point or so.

newborn photography OxfordshireThe scheduling part will turn out to be one of the hardest things that you will have to go through with to get started with and this is the main reason why you really are going to need professional help when it comes to things like this at the end of the day. You will not really be able to accurately set up a photo shoot date for newborn photography Oxfordshire because of the fact that there is no exact way for you to predict when the baby will be coming.

Sure, your doctor is bound to give you an expected date but the reality is that you will never really know when the exact time and date the baby will be born and this can skew up your scheduling if you are shooting for a specific date. This is why photographers will normally advise you to go for giving your expected deli very date instead. This way, your expert in newborn photography Oxfordshire can schedule roughly around a week before that and after that. You need to get the newborn baby photographed during his first 10 days of life. After that, he will have a growth spurt and end up looking different as he grows and you will miss the important milestones which totally defeats the purpose of newborn photography Oxfordshire altogether.

Don’t worry too much about what your newborn baby is going to wear for the photo shoot.

If you have been paying close attention to the newborn photos posted online, you will notice that most of the babies are almost always photographed in the nude. This is the type of thing that you ought to take into account when you are deciding on outfits to buy for the upcoming newborn photography Oxfordshire shoot. Chances are you probably aren’t even going to need any. Include a particularly significant item such as a baptismal dress handed down in your family from one generation to the other but nothing more than that. Focus more on the fact that you need to keep your baby warm and comfortable while he is there. There is a pretty good chance that he is going to get cold and irritable which is why as a parent, you should go out of your way to make sure that you cuddle with him in between shoots to help keep him warm and comfortable all throughout the time that he is there.

Messes made by the newborn baby are a part of the process.

This is not something that you have to feel embarrassed about at any point in time. It does help a lot and help cut the time short though if you come prepared with wet wipes and towels and pretty much anything else that you can think of that will help you clean up those said messes. Ask for tips from your photographer if you don’t know where to start. Consider booking an expert in newborn photography Oxfordshire (www.studiobambino.co.uk) as they have been around in the industry for a considerable amount of time already.

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What To Do During A Newborn Photography Shoot

newborn photographyWhen you are considering the aspect of hiring a newborn photographer to document photos of your newborn baby, the first thing that you need to take into consideration is the schedule. You need someone who will be there during the first ten days of the baby’s life. This is the best or the most strategic time to get things planned out or to get things handled accordingly. You need to understand that when it all comes down to it, the baby will grow fast and you will be missing out on a lot of things if you don’t schedule the newborn photo shoot right away.

Schedule ahead

As much as possible, schedule the shoot even way before the baby is born just for you to be sure. You can just adjust it accordingly as you go along. During the first ten days, the baby is usually peaceful and docile. He won’t really move around much or he won’t really cry much. More than that, there is a pretty good chance that he will be spending most of his time just sleeping around. This is the perfect time for the newborn photographer to pose the baby accordingly. This is the phase in the baby’s life wherein he will turn out to be the most “moldable”.

Plan contingency supplies

Make sure that you plan contingency supplies for the newborn photo shoot. You have to understand that newborn babies are walking (or crawling) accidents. They will barf or pee or poop all over the place with not a care in the world. They are babies after all. You need to come prepared for the shoot as a parent. Bring a nice box of fresh wet wipes to help wipe the gunk off. At the same time, make sure that you are loaded with the rest of all of the other supplies out there from napkins to towels to disinfectants and so on and so forth. Coming prepared will turn out to be your most effective and your most efficient approach as a parent. The baby will have a lot of poses wherein he might not have a diaper on him. You need to have all of the right supplies to get yourself covered. Be quick and be on the lookout for little accidents as well because this can happen anytime.

Incorporate props

Go for a newborn photographer who is quite known for incorporating props into his newborn photography compositions. Props will make your newborn photo shoot come out looking so much better and looking so much more interesting at the end of the day. at the same time, be vigilant as well in making sure that props will turn out to be clean and well maintained all of the time. Inspect them accordingly before you allow them to be used on your baby. Babies have really weak immune systems and they might not be able to fight off microbes the right way if they are exposed to a lot of it. As a new parent, booking a newborn photographer might be a bit challenging but you will always be able to make it work. This newborn photographer based in Calgary is worth getting for your baby’s first photo shoot.

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