WordPress Maintenance: Why It Is Very Important

websites for photographers Among many aspects of being a WordPress user, maintenance is one of the most important activity to keep your site running. Working as a photographer, site thing-y has never been a thing you do, that is why we want to keep this simple, yet informative in maintaining websites for photographers.

Website maintenance, WordPress in particular here, helps users and visitors in increasing experience and traffic among many other benefits. In particular, WordPress constantly updates their security system while keeping the freedoms of its users in using features or even developing their own features (for those who can).

We will be breaking down one by one type of maintenance and what to watch during the process.

Aspects to Maintain


Under your every posts, to keep the thread alive and to receive visitors feedbacks, the comment section is useful in this sense. However, unwanted spammers may come and post multiple malicious contents on your posts or ads that are not authorized by you.

On a regular basis, you need to monitor the ongoing comments and delete or block unwanted or harmful comments. Another method is to install a plugin that helps prevent spammy comments or even close your comment feature completely.

Backing up

Even the word ‘back’ from backing up reminds you of something that has been repeated many times, but never enough. There can be many problems and you never know when or how your site will go down or scrambled due to updates or attacks. Backing up is necessary to keep your important data safe without having to start everything from scratch, especially in websites for photographers that are full of media contents, it can a be a real pain in having to search all the pictures and videos you used.

There are also plugins available that allow your site to back up regularly and help you save the time of doing everything yourself.


WordPress updates regularly to provide the best service to its users and to keep up with the newest technology. And because of this various elements of WordPress also needs updating, mainly the themes and plugins. Without the newest update, themes and plugins may not be functioning and displayed correctly.

With the new updates, it is always an experiment; things can go horribly wrong after a theme update, which is related to backing up point previously mentioned. Though this rarely happens if you are using well maintained plugins and themes that are supported by experienced developers, it never hurts to spend a few minutes on backing up.

What I Should Remember

Backup back up back up!

Yes, again. I would love to emphasize this even more. Just like how a writer has to repeatedly save his works on a word document, save the hearthache of losing your site to a possibly lethal update.

Put up a maintenance notice

There are plugins that help users to put up a nice looking notice of maintenance to entertain the guests and looks better than a 404 notice. You can also put up a notice of how long it will take or even redirect them to a different page or site.

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