Mapping out Wedding Sequences as a Wedding Photographer

Planning out the wedding photography program of a wedding is extremely tedious work.

wedding photographerThat is mostly the reason why you are allowed to charge so much as a wedding photographer. What you are providing out to your clients is something skillful and technical. More than that, it also comes in with a lot of risks. There are so many bad possibilities that can turn up during a wedding. And although it isn’t necessarily your job as a wedding photographer to pre-empt or to anticipate all of them, you should at least try to make sure that all of your bases are covered for as far as the wedding photography side of things is concerned.

Get to know the sequence ahead of time.

There will always be a program and a set of sequence of events during the wedding all the way up until the reception. You can usually get this from the bride. Most of the brides these days handle their own wedding prep and programs and they usually know the ins and outs. Don’t be afraid to ask all of the right questions if it means that you will be gaining access to all of the info that you could possibly need as a wedding photographer. It is always better if you ask the bride ahead of time instead of trying to ask her during the actual wedding day. She may not be as available to you by then. The wedding is all about the bride and groom and they might not have the time to cater to any of your inquiries during the actual day itself.

Talk to the wedding planner if the bride hired one.

If the couple hired a wedding planner to help them out during the wedding, then you hit gold as a wedding photographer. This means that there is a master chorister for the orchestra. The best part in all of it is the fact that that chorister will always be available for you and for all of your needs. If you have anything to sign off during the wedding, the wedding planner is usually the best go to person. Also, there is a pretty good chance that the wedding planner is the one who drafted out the sequence of events for the wedding in the first place. If you need to get acquainted to it, try to get acquainted with the wedding planner as well and ask away. It will make your job as a wedding photographer Cheshire easier to deal with when there is a wedding planner in the house.


Always plan ahead of delays.

Prepare yourself to always know how to work in the moment as a wedding photographer. Delays are a part of life in every wedding day and sadly enough there isn’t really anything that you can do to avoid it most especially if it was caused by another vendor. When you are planning out your itinerary of shots, it would be best if you include the possibility of delays. Cut your normal time period in half. If you expected 2 hours for the couple shoot, cut it down to only 1 hour.

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