Why Documentary Wedding Photographer Is the Better Choice

documentary wedding photographerAs you begin your search for a wedding photographer, you might be overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many kinds of photographers. Some call themselves as natural wedding photographer while another calls himself a reportage wedding photographer.

Now, we’d like to mention in particular the benefits and strengths of a documentary wedding photographer. While they may not be free of weaknesses, they do have a tremendous benefit compared to another kind of photographers.

Documenting your wedding

The biggest purpose of hiring a wedding photographer is to make sure that all your wedding moments are captured. It’s also important that you are able to capture someone that is able to capture the moment in a way that tells a story. That is the power of documentary style of photography. Experts in this can tell a beautiful story through pictures alone.

It calls for capturing every single thing that happens during the event from dress-up to the last dance. While another type of photographers will focus more on the authenticity of a moment or the visual beauty, reportage photographer focuses on capturing the happenings and compiling them to create a story.

Completeness of coverage is of the essence for the photographers and you. If you look forward to finding someone that covers everything from the wedding from the guests to all your preparation this is the right choice.

Unobtrusive method of capturing pictures

If you found yourself a professional documentary wedding photographer like www.catherinepound.com, being unobtrusive throughout their job is of the essence. This is because they can capture the moments without causing disturbances. It’s a very important quality that photographers have to possess to make sure that the pictures they get are of high-quality.


Another great thing about this is how the album is made into a meaningful group of pictures. They are not just a bunch of pictures of you and your partner, but they mean something and tell something. These pictures create a story that you can tell even after decades of your marriage. You will still remember during that quiz session when your youngest nephew got it right. Or when your mom shed tears as you kissed your partner.

Such moments exceed words and descriptions. Only pictures can show the true emotion of those days. And when a picture of a crying old lady means nothing, documentary style can add up the story behind it by adding pictures of your first kiss or you after dressing up.


To be able to achieve that level of focus and unobtrusiveness, one has to build a good rapport with his clients and the guests. Not all photographers do this because that means they have to spend much more time trying to get to know more about you, your family, and your friends. That seems like not something a documentary wedding photographer should do, but to achieve the right quality, that’s the right thing to do.

This type of wedding photographer is one of the best types to have for your wedding, especially when you value the day so much and you don’t want to miss a thing about it. The documentary style of wedding album helps you relieve the day and even find out the things that you probably missed because the day can go so fast!

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The 411 On Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography comes with many names but it all means the same

documentary wedding photographySometimes it is referred to as the photojournalistic approach, the reportage approach, and so on and so forth. This kind of photography style for weddings is something that is more free flowing and something that is more natural looking compared to the usual traditional wedding photography style that most people are used to seeing in the past. Documentary wedding photography is something that basically aims to tell a story through the correlation of the pictures being taken. The wedding photographer tends to rein in a lot more artistic liberties and freedom for creativity compared to traditional wedding photography. Your role as the official wedding photographer is basically to just be the spectator behind the camera lens who is there to document the moments that happen during the wedding photo shoot.

Get to know the couple

The first step to properly documenting a wedding in this particular photography style is for you to make sure that you are really able to take time out of your day to get to know the bride and the groom that you are covering the wedding for. Ask as many questions that you need to ask for as long as they are questions that are more or less related to or have something to do about wedding photography. You will need to know the kind of vision that the couple has for the pictures that are to be taken at some point or so. What kind of theme would they like to have for the wedding photo shoot? Is there some kind of plot or story board that they would like you to go after? You also need to know about any practices or traditions that they would like you to observe during the wedding. Although documentary wedding photography is considered to be somewhat “on the fly” or “whatever goes” type of thing, you will still need some type of sequence that you will be able to follow through on one way or the other. Make sure that you are able to consult with the bride and groom when you are in the process of writing up the sequence for the documentary wedding photography shoot.

Lean how to anticipate the moments before they happen.

This is basically the hardest thing that you will have to deal with in documentary wedding photography. You don’t necessarily need to be clairvoyant (because it’s impossible). You do need to at least know all of the right body movement indicators and social cues that technically lead up to that particular moment that needs to be documented in the photos that you take though. It won’t always be easy at first but over time and practice, you will eventually get the hang of things one way or the other. As a documentary wedding photographer, look out for obvious indicators such as signs of laughter, touching, deep conversation, or raw emotions such as happiness and so on because this will make it so much easier for you to pre-empt the moments before they actually happen.

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