How to Get the Best Indian Wedding Pictures

indian wedding photographyWorking to provide the best Indian wedding photography service is not easy. It is the aim of many photographers, but it definitely takes more than just being a photographer. You are facing a specific culture target market and the challenge lies in how you can best appeal to the couples with the picture that are not just aesthetics but also capture their cultural values.

The first to do this is to understand the Indian cultures.

What do they think about weddings and what usually happens in one? What kind of traditions must the children and parents do and what do they mean to them? All these things are important if you want to capture the moments that matter for them.

It will also help you think about how to best create your wedding photography package for Indians. Typically, they take more times for their weddings and it can involve traveling to several places. With that in mind, your photography package can be catered to fit their needs.

Discuss these with the couples and the parents.

Parents play a big part in deciding how the wedding should proceed or what kind of pictures should be captured. They influence the decisions as well, so appealing to them is also part of the job. You need to make friends with the whole family to do well and know what is allowed and what is taboo in the eyes of Indians.

If you are not sure, ask the couples before making any mistakes. You can explain that you have done your research, but asking actual Indians will be faster and easier. It’ll also prevent misunderstanding. That is why sometimes they prefer getting Indian wedding photography service from actual Indians like

You also want to make sure that you are fit for the day.

In India, a wedding can take place in the middle of the night after the consult with the astrologer. It can be tiring and takes up your energy, but it is the job and you have to plan for it. Such as by sleeping in the day and make sure you eat some before attending the wedding.

It’s important to understand that sometimes, parents can make their own decision to hire more photographers for the job. They think that it is safer to have more people on the job so that they get as many pictures as possible. For some newcomers, this may seem peculiar and even rude because you’d think that you have been given the responsibilities. Yet, this is the culture for them.

Because of that, you need to discuss things with the other photographers when you meet them. Make sure that you don’t cross each other’s paths and potentially interrupt each other while working. You can even deal with the positions that you will get during certain events.

Lastly, to be successful in Indian wedding photography, never be too lazy to keep learning. There are many new things to know about and learn, such as how to communicate better with parents and family members.

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Indian Wedding Photography and What to do About it

Check with person in charge

wedding photography tipsThe first thing that you need to figure out in an Indian wedding photography shoot is to check which person is in charge of the instructions and of all of the prep. Although some couples are already fairly modern and westernized, there will be some who might opt to stick to the traditional culture. You might have to deal with the parents. The common practice in the Indian culture is that the parents are the ones who are transacting the marriages. Although this is a practice that most people would probably frown upon or even look down on at times, this is a time treasured and honored practice in the Indian culture.

It is the ultimate sign and symbol of filial piety and is something that a lot of Indians, especially the traditional ones, tend to hold very dear to their hearts. So yes, you get the chance to actually observe a wedding wherein the bride and groom might be meeting for the very first time during the wedding itself. Of course, there is a pretty good chance that most of the Indian couples out there these days are already fairly modern and they probably call the shots on their own wedding but then again, the parents will always have a say one way or the other. It would be best if you just ask them directly so that you will know which people you might need to deal with for all things related to Indian wedding photography.

Acquaint yourself with their pre-wedding rituals.

There are a lot of separate rituals for the bride and for the groom. It really all depends on the region that they are from. It also depends on whether the bride and the groom would like to go ahead and observe said rituals. Make sure that you get to sit down with the couple or their parents (whoever is in charge) before the actual wedding day so that you will be quite well versed with the events that are about to happen. Let them know that you will only be able to go ahead and successfully fulfill your duties as the official wedding photographer if you know what is going to happen in the first place. You should not be kept in the dark when it comes to important things like these. You should always be kept in the loop as much as possible so that you can provide the most efficient service possible the entire time that you are at it.

 Vary your quotes

You might need to quote this differently and you might need a slightly bigger team than usual when you are trying to provide coverage for an Indian wedding photography shoot. Indian weddings can be really huge and it would not be possible for you to just bring in a team of three people including yourself to ensure that the entire event is documented the right way. You might need to much more. This would mean that you might need to adjust the cost as well compared to the usual charges that you would pack on in a regular wedding.

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