How to Search for the Right Wedding Photographer Online

same sex wedding photographerGoogle has been the place to go when you need to find an answer or someone. And one of that purpose is to find your wedding photographer. Whether you’re looking for an engagement photographer or a same sex wedding photographer, you will definitely appreciate reading this to the end.

These are what you should do when you search for a wedding photographer online.

Where you at does not matter

Many people like to type the area where they live. But truthfully, the area does not matter, especially if the quality is what you’re searching for. Limiting on area causes you unable to find other more talented photographers!

Yes, of course, they can work for you, although separated by a few hundred miles apart. With a small extra fee, you can get better photographers, so remember, don’t limit yourself to location! If you are looking for a same sex wedding photographer, check out This is someone that you won’t find just by typing in a location!

Check out profile page

Profile or about me page is the place where you can read about the photographer. You will find information on why they took up cameras and how they began their wedding photography business. What’s interesting is to read their opinions on the wedding. Does it sound like they’ll enjoy working on yours after having attended so many weddings they’ve lost count?

Some people put this on their homepage, while others do it on the profile page. Identify the word reportage, photojournalism, or unobtrusive style. These are hints that your photographer will not disturb you during the ceremony and reception. Staying in the dark while capturing all the precious moments are important to keep the party rolling and the pictures natural.


The next important thing to browse is their portfolio page. Find out their style, favorite poses, emotions, and expressions of the people in those pictures, and how you enjoy looking at them. If you can see more than 3 or 4 pictures used the same pose, you might not want to hire that photographer. He might be running out of ideas and you’ll end up with the same pictures more or less.

Do not trust in portfolios too much. What you see is only one side of the photographer. When you meet, ask for more pictures they’ve worked on to decide more accurately on his style. If he refuses, you know there’s something he does not want you to see.

Willing to meet you

How do you know if someone is willing to meet you? You’ll find him inviting you over to his studio or, if that’s impossible, do a live chat to talk about your wedding. This is someone who is willing to spend time with a person he’s never seen before and not yet agree to become his clients. Someone who is willing to sacrifice before the deal will be able to commit more to the deal.

His contact number, email, and other means to find him should also be on the page, not hard to find.

Trophies, achievements, and fancy stuff

If your photographer has fancy achievements he’s proudly posted on his site, that says something about him. Finishing a training, reaching a certain level of membership, and winning competitions, tournaments, and contests are signs of hard workers. Not just that, they also show the creativity of the photographer.

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Hire Same Sex Wedding Photographer Tips

When clients hire same sex wedding photographer, they are looking for various distinct qualities.

hire same sex wedding photographerThis is why you need to be highly aware of things like these if you want things to work out the right way for you after all has been said and done. Although it might seem like not that big of a deal on the surface, the thing is, it’s a really big deal for the clients who will end up hiring you and this is the main reason why you should really go ahead and take things like these into account as much as you possibly can. There are always nuances to be checked out every now and then and there are always specific requirements for varying clients. They might look for some specific qualities every now and then but overall, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that there is a certain standard that they will hold you up to at the end of the day. This is what you need to be well aware of as much as possible. You also need to make sure that after all has been said and done, you get to check things out the right way as you go along.

Be careful with the pronouns.

This might sound superficial but clients consider this when they hire same sex wedding photographer. Some clients identify as feminine or masculine but oftentimes, it will always fall down to the aspect of not checking out the gender as much as possible. They refuse to be identified as feminine or masculine. It is always safe for you as a same sex wedding photographer to get right on and to proceed to addressing people in more general terms. Address this the right way and things should turn out pretty fine for as far as your clients’ initial impression of you is concerned. This might not turn out to be the easiest thing to pull off and it might take some getting used to but you will eventually get used to it. You just need to make sure that at the end of the day, you are more or less able to really put your mind into it. Be aware of what’s going on and what the current trends are and observe it as much as you can.

Be sensitive enough to talk about the family situation before the actual wedding day.

Some of the same sex couples out there do not really have the support of their friends and family members and this is what you need to be careful and sensitive about. Broach the topic carefully and make sure that it is done before the day of the wedding so that you don’t come across any embarrassing mistakes as you go along.

Respect them enough not to get carried away by the fact that you are covering a same sex wedding.

It can be easy to get overexcited about the fact that you are shooting a same sex wedding and you don’t get to do that a lot but make sure that you still get to respect the couple enough not to hype things up for all of the wrong reasons while you’re at it.

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