Wedding Videography Melbourne: Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid

wedding videography MelbourneWe’ve seen too many of these mistakes in wedding videography Melbourne done by not just beginners, but professionals as well. It’s not that they don’t care. It turned into a habit that it’s hard for them to realize that it’s not a good act.

We want to prevent you from being like that. Instead of trying to fix the habits, preventing them from ever turning into one is better.

Use too many hand-carried footages

Carrying the tripod everywhere can be very tiring and time-consuming. When you can carry the cameras yourself, it makes you think if you even need to use the tripod. But know this: clients don’t appreciate shaky footages at all.

Consider this really well: can your hands carry the camera and move without shaking or causing blurry scenes? Those can confuse viewers and you can’t always edit them out. Carrying your tripod is probably inconvenient, but it’s the way of a videographer. Unless you’ve found a better technology to do this.

Crappy transitions

The footages themselves are awesome, but you can’t show a video that goes on for 30 minutes without changing scenes. It must have been filled with a lot of unimportant scenes that could’ve been removed. Removing them means you need some good B-rolls as transitions. Check out examples of great wedding videography Melbourne done by

Transitions can really create a different feel to the videos. Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how to make the video less awkward when you’ve amazing shots of the day. B-rolls are the best thing to have. They contain small details of the wedding and are still meaningful to the viewers. But not that important, so they can be put in transitions.

Not coordinating with photographer

Many videographers lack proper relationships with photographers. It’s probably pride or because of having their own photographers at their own studios. But nonetheless, it’s a very wrong step to make. Coordinating with the photographer at wherever you’re working at can create a better result for your client.

Try to look at it like this: your client receives his wedding pictures and are absolutely mesmerized by them. Like many of us, we want to see how they turn out in the videos. It’s good, but it would be so much better if we can integrate the things photographers shoot with our videos and vice versa.

This shows we don’t just care about our own professionalism. We’re ready to do whatever is necessary to deliver better, high-quality results to our clients.

Not having the determination

Making mistakes can feel like a drawback to the process of becoming a professional. Those can even make us wonder if we’re cut out for the job. Thinking about this when you’ve only worked on 3 videos isn’t exactly going to help and accurate anyway.

Making mistakes is part of learning with the motto that you won’t do it again next time. They are the best learning experiences and having the determination to walk pass that is the right thing to do. Professional wedding videography Melbourne is not done by people who are good with it on their first try. It’s done by people who’ve been through thick and thin and finally understands how to make one.